Find Your Why…

Nathan Gold gave us practical, easy to use tools for public speaking. Many obvious ones if we think about it. As we humans usually don't. Now we do. For some time we will remember our why in connection to public speaking and we'll do better than before. 

What would happen if we knew our why in connection to - just about - everything in our lives? And had practical, easy to use tools that also we had a routine that we use for the rest of our lives?

To Be for Real offer this to companies via Level Up Coaching and our web-course Me for Real. Choices get easier. Communication simpler.  Life more meaningful and fun. The more people in a workplace get to know and be themselves and work with their why (in plural) - the more balance they will create in their lives - the better the people and the organisation will function. There will be less illness, more creativity, more work force satisfaction and people will stay.

Thank you Nathan Gold of "Harness Your Speaking Anxiety - And Connect Emotionally With Your Audience" and Harry van der Veen of Nuiteq for this wonderful paying- it-forward-afternoon with so many insights that makes it easier for us to explain to people the value of what we do.

Find Your Why…
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